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Toy Fair 2012: Zecora, DJ Pon-3, White Celestia, Nightmare Moon, Trixie and more

Toy Fair 2012 is on and Hasbro has a great exhibit of the My Little Pony lineup for 2012. A picture of many of these toys was shared on the official My Little Pony facebook page and we found some … Continue reading

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Friendship is Magic: Story of the Blanks

I came across this fun little flash game called Friendship is Magic: Story of the Blanks. Its pretty cool. It follows Applebloom around getting lost in the Everfree Forest while accompanying Twilight Sparkle on a visit to Zecora. Its supposed … Continue reading

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My Little Pony mash-up with Reggie Watts F*ck Sh*t Stack

Warning: Viewer Discretion is advised. The following video contains adult language not meant for young children. Today we have a new mash-up to share. Reggie Watts’ Fuck Shit Stack has been mashed together with a very brief scene in the … Continue reading

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