“Free” My Little Pony cow clicker game coming to mobile devices

My Little Pony mobile phone game - Trixie with an iPad

A My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic game will soon be available on mobile phones as this iOS and Android compatible game will allow players to recreate their own Ponyville. The game seems like a standard cow clicker village building game. Check out the trailer below.

This trailer instantly reminded me of horrible yet addictive games like Smurf’s village. To get a good idea of what might be in store I did a quick search on the Android store for games by Gameloft and found a ton of games with a similar concept and business model. Their most popular versions seem to be Ice Age Village, Fantasy Town and Cosmic Colony. I tried out Cosmic Colony as it was the least offensive looking of the titles and the concept seems nearly identical to what this new game will be, only without the ponies.

My Little Pony mobile phone game - Rainbow Dash mini game

The game is free to play but everything in the game takes a lot of time. You click a bunch of things, wait, and then click a bunch more things. Really fun! You need to wait for things to be built which takes minutes, hours, sometimes days, but hey you can just pay real money and speed that up! Similarly you can take shortcuts by getting help from your friends, meaning you have an incentive to spam your friends to keep playing. The further you progress into these kinds of games the more it’s necessary to spend real money to get any kind of progress. These games are addictive, no question about that. They play off of most basic aspects of human psychology to distill a “game” into the most well constructed way to hook a person and try to get them to spend the most money as possible, but to do it in small increments they might not notice. The game is free and no doubt you will be able to enjoy it as such, but wouldn’t it be better if you could just spend a bit of money to get that barn or cupcake shop or whatever’s it’s going to be built sooner?

My Little Pony mobile phone game - Everyone but Fluttershy

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  1. Person says:

    Exactly my thoughts on this game! Finally someone can look past the fact that it’s “pony” and see its basically another one of those “FarmVille” type games.

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