My Little Last Unicorn shirt for sale at Shirt Punch

My Little Last Unicorn shirt at Shirt Punch

Today only this “My Little Last Unicorn” shirt is for sale at Shirt Punch for $10. Like other shirt a day sites Shirt Punch sells shirts for a low price but they are only available for one day so after October 16th is done, no more shirt. This shirt is recreating the poster for the 1982 Rankin Bass animated movie “The Last Unicorn”. Check out the poster below to see the similarities, including the Red Bull which appears as the Unicorn’s Cutie Mark and King Haggard’s castle in the background.

The Last Unicorn poster

This image is in a classic My Little Pony design, so Friendship is Magic purists may not be happy, but it’s hard to go wrong with such a nice looking shirt which references such a fantastic movie. This shirt’s artist is Ashley Hay who has done a lot of other nice looking shirts for a number of t-shirt sites. Pick this one up while you can and check out “The Last Unicorn” if you haven’t had the pleasure of watching it.

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