Jerry Springer Bronies respond to idiots who think they’re fake

Genuine Bronies Autumin and Tim

If you caught the comments on the post we made a couple of days ago, you’ll see that the two real life Bronies, Tim and Autumin, who appeared on an episode of Jerry Springer this week have responded to ignorant comments by people who think they are fake or paid actors with the following video:

Of course this has done little to settle the controversy as stubbornness and cognitive dissonance are as rampant amongst Bronies as they are in the rest of the population. While Equestria Daily, one of the original promoters of snap judgements after watching a 2 minute YouTube video and ignoring the entire content of the show to return to bombarding the world with fan art, posted the video on their web site, the post remained skeptical of the authenticity of these Bronies and the horde of idiot commenters continued to call out their status as Bronies. How many of these people bothered to actually watch the show, I wonder? It certainly doesn’t seem like anyone at Equestria Daily has seen anything but the two minute YouTube clip.

You’re all of course free to have your own opinion on this issue, just as you’re free to be a total idiot if you still doubt these fine people to be real Bronies. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has taught me to love and tolerate every ignorant moron out there, even though they sound like this:

Tim “The ArchBrony” has also posted his reaction to the comments on this video. He also posted an “Ask me Anything” on Reddit which explains quite a bit.

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5 Responses to Jerry Springer Bronies respond to idiots who think they’re fake

  1. uli muller says:

    They never ACTUALLY say they are bronies though. They just say that they are NOT paid actors. And how is

    “It looks like Jerry Springer grabbed some people for a brony show. The highlights on their Youtube page aren’t too bad, they don’t actually appear to be bronies though. One is cosplaying as something I haven’t got a clue on. Who knows though! I expected worst, but this is only a snippet. Check it out after the break!”

    a snap judgement? he said “they don’t appear to be bronies….WHO KNOWS, THOUGH?” hes is simply opening it up for discussion.

    By the way, no matter what you do, whether you are a brony news site or you produce and sell miniblinds, if you always compare what you do to one of your competitors, you will never become great. The fact that you compare yourself at all shows that you are insecure about how good you are at what you do. So don’t go bashing EQD, its just not very professional (no, I am in no way affiliated with EQD).

  2. Adam says:

    They are clearly My Little Pony fans. They are clearly Bronies whether it’s explicitly stated or not.

    I am not comparing myself to anything. I am calling out others who aren’t doing their job, this not about me being better or worse, it’s about them failing at the most basic level. I’m not setting out to bash anyone but when someone completely misreports the facts without doing the most basic amount of research I will take them to task on this, especially when their sphere of influence is so far reaching.

  3. Lluna says:

    It also seems incredibly unprofessional to bash others comments like that. I’m kind of upset by how opinionated this article/site is. I read this feeling under attack, even though I could care less about whether these two people are actual bronies. I don’t know if the language you use is supposed to be an attempt at humor or an emotion outburst of opinions. In a fandom like this, I think that everyone agrees that we should be able to hold our own opinions, even when it comes to judging those we’ve never met. While I agree that some fans did seem to go overboard in this area, I believe that on a site like this, you go try to be a little more neutral ( or atleast a bit more ‘nice’ with your choice of words, no one wants to be caled an idiot ;). ).

    • Adam says:

      It’s both. While I generally try to stay neutral, the idiot reaction to this topic was just too much and I felt I needed to say something. Sorry if you feel targeted but if you weren’t part of the wave of people doubting the authenticity of the Bronies in question you really have nothing to feel targeted about.

  4. Melissa says:

    I personally can’t fathom why anyone would go on Jerry Springer.

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