Real Bronies on Jerry Springer

Autumin and Tim the Bronies on Jerry Springer

Tuesday’s episode of the Jerry Springer Show “Outrageous Guilty Pleasures” included talking to some My Little Pony fans. The Brony portion of the show covered only the first 8 minutes. Unfortunately many fans, and some high profile My Little Pony web sites, were content to watch a 2 minute clip on YouTube and make ignorant snap judgements rather than to sit down and actually watch the show. We here at the Ponyville Gazette are more professional and thorough than that so I’ve watched the episode in question and would like to share my thoughts.

Tara Strong Tweet on Jerry Springer

Jerry opened the episode by talking about the fan community’s reaction to the show’s call for Bronies. He even had a tweet by Tara Strong show up on screen. She and many other Bronies objected to the very idea that a Brony appear on the show assuming they would not be well represented.

Autumin the Brony on Jerry Springer

The first Brony to come on was a woman named Autumin. She was dressed up like Rainbow Dash (but with a horn?) and reasonably defined a Brony as “someone who has an intense love and passion for My Little Pony”.

Tim dressed as Pinkie Pie on Jerry Springer

Autumin was then joined by Tim who wore a suit jacket along with a pink skirt and a lot of other pink items in his dressing as Pinkie Pie. He did a Bro Hoof to Autumin when he came out. They then did a brief role play and talked about how they act as fans.

One topic which came up was the idea that the show promotes good values and a positive message, something Bronies talk about all the time.

Autumin and Tim share a Bro Hoof on Jerry Springer

Given everyone’s behaviour on the show I don’t have any reason to doubt their authenticity as Bronies. Perhaps the fandom could have been better represented by other guests, depending on what image certain fans want people to share, but it doesn’t seem like these were just posers or actors pretending to be Bronies as many people seem to be ignorantly accusing them of. A lot of the specifics they said really did seem to show that they were real fans of the show (Bro Hoof, 20% cooler, references to the show’s story and characters). Only a few seconds on google found a facebook page for “The Autumin” showing her cosplaying as Rainbow Dash. I was also easily able to find this girl’s personal facebook page showing her to be a real person with a real friend named Tim. Can we please stop with the baseless accusations that these are paid actors?

The Autumin

Jerry’s treatment of these Bronies was quite respectful and his questions were pretty typical of what a non fan might ask a Brony when learing about their interest in the show. While the Jerry Springer Show was obviously into trying to sensationalize the issue and tried to find evidence of some sexual aspect to the fandom there was none found in these fans. While naturally no single person can encompass all fans I didn’t find this portrayal to have been excessively atypical or dishonest. While most Bronies don’t dress up every day I’ve seen a lot of examples of similar dress at various conventions over the past couple of years and if I’d been invited on the show I’d have certainly worn something much more embarrassing to myself and the fandom as a whole.

Following this first bit they brought out some trannies, a mother/daughter dominatrix team and a girl with a forked tongue. All things considered the Bronies came out looking pretty normal. This is the Jerry Springer Show after all. No need to take things so seriously.

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4 Responses to Real Bronies on Jerry Springer

  1. Tim says:

    Thanks for the great post. This is Tim from the show.
    Me and Autumin made a video to respond to a lot of this:

    feel free to include it in your post

  2. DerpySquad says:

    Figured you guys might want this, “Tim” supposedly left this in the comment on our post about the 2 minute clip, its basically them saying that they are not paid actors, etc, same as you pointed out here.

  3. Adam says:

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing both of you.

    It might look like Tim wasn’t reading the comments but that’s just because the first one wasn’t approved yet.

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