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Pony Gangnam Style

Well, it was going to happen sooner or later. The latest craze sweeping the globe is a music video called ‘Gangnam Style’ from a South Korean rapper named Psy. The song professes the active night life of the women living … Continue reading

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Jessica Nigri cosplays as Rainbow Dash at Anime Revolution

This weekend is Anime Revolution in Vancouver, Canada. In attendance is Jessica Nigri, professional cosplayer and all around cool lady. Today’s costume is Rainbow Dash, as pictured above on a photo she shared on her Facebook page. Her Rainbow Dash … Continue reading

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My Little Pony season 2 posters

Some great new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic posters have made their way into Walmart stores in the US. Nayuki over at the AllSpark has brought these to our attention. Nayuki works on the show and is responsible for … Continue reading

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The Jerry Springer Show is looking for Bronies

It looks like the Jerry Springer show may be doing an upcoming episode on Bronies and their lovers who object, and some Bronies are pissed! Yesterday the following was posted on the official Jerry Springer Show twitter page: Are you … Continue reading

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