Diablo III’s My Little Pony filled hidden stage

Diablo III Hidden Stage Filled with My Little Pony Unicorns

It’s a bit of a tradition for Blizzard games to have a secret hidden level included and with this week’s launch of Diablo III that hidden level has been revealed as “Whimsyshire” where the hero encounters enemies that are flowers, teddy bears and unicorns in a world filled with rainbows. The unicorns looks a bit like My Little Pony characters.

Looking at the internal data of the game, the names that these unicorns have are sometimes similar to some My Little Pony names. Check out the full list below: TentacleHorse_A Pink Rainbow Unicorn TentacleHorse_A_Unique_01 Midnight Sparkle TentacleHorse_A_Unique_02 Maulin Sorely TentacleHorse_A_Unique_03 Miss Hell TentacleHorse_A_Unique_04 Killaire TentacleHorse_A_Unique_05 R’Lyeh TentacleHorse_B Purple Rainbow Unicorn TentacleHorse_B_Unique Nightmarity TentacleHorse_B_Unique_01 Nightmarity TentacleHorse_C_Unique_01 Princess Stardust TentacleHorse_Fat_A Chubby Pink Unicorn TentacleHorse_Fat_A_Unique_01 Creampuff TentacleHorse_Fat_B Chubby Purple Unicorn

Midnight Sparkle is an obvious reference to Twilight Sparkle and Nightmarity bears some similarity to Rarity.

Source: The Mary Sue

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