PONY 2012

PONY 2012

Invisible foals – Pony 2012.


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7 Responses to PONY 2012

  1. Alex Kharlampiev says:

    This is absolutely hilarious. As soon as i realized similarities in Kony-pony words i started looking for “PONY 2012” pictures and this is the best one. Good job friend, done really well.

  2. Adam says:

    Glad you liked it Alex.

  3. M99moron says:

    Hi, I’m a pony vector artist on DA and would love to turn this into a vector. Proper credit will be given etc. Asking for permission. Pretty please? :)

  4. Ben Schultz says:


    made mine about the same time – we pretty much had the same idea here…

  5. Adam says:

    Same idea, different character. Looks great.

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