The Cleveland Show references My Little Pony

The Cleveland Show References My Little Pony TSRDFSPPRAJ

An obscure My Little Pony reference came from an unlikely source this week as what is arguably the worst show in television history, Seth MacFarlane’s The Cleveland Show, included a sign with a hidden messages. The letters TSRDFSPPRAJ appeared on a sign held by the Cleveland Brown, the show’s horribly unfunny titular character. These letters stand for Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack.

The Cleveland Show References My Little Pony TSRDFSPPRAJ

As far as I can gather, from the short part of the episode I could tolerate watching, in the episode “Brown Magic”, Cleveland is pretending that his annoying son Rallo is a ventriloquist’s dummy, and they go to jail for “four count of ventriloquist fraud” in an abrupt ending sequence that consists only of a few stills. They are holding letterboards for their mugshots which include this message. Note that as they are sitting while taking their mugshots, the height indicators serve no purpose, which is all right, since those numbers would never actually make it into the picture being taken, though they do move depending on the shot. This sort of lack of attention to detail is typical of horrible, horrible shows.

The Cleveland Show References My Little Pony TSRDFSPPRAJ

Catch the Cleveland Show on Fox, home of many shows by Seth MacFarlane about a fat annoying man, his hot wife, annoying children and … does Cleveland Show have a talking animal? It must… The show plays Sundays and has been preemptively renewed until 2058.

The Cleveland Show References My Little Pony TSRDFSPPRAJ

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16 Responses to The Cleveland Show references My Little Pony

  1. H says:

    The mane thing here that obviously someone on the crew realized that it would be easy to exploit the bronies unbridled love of things equine that a vague string of letters would get noticed. Once noticed this string of letters would make the bronies hot to trot and get them a bale full of free press and new fans that will go to no end to support MLP. The bronies have been ridden hard and put away wet.

  2. Adam says:

    Maybe. Alternatively, as much as I hate the show, there could be some Pony fan in the mix with little creative input who put this here as a joke.

  3. no says:

    You are grown men watching a show targeted at little girls and you have the gall to call a show horrible when they make a small reference to it because obviously someone on the show enjoys it? You autists will stop at nothing to get others to hate you.

    • Adam says:

      Not at all. I call it horrible because it is horrible, this has nothing to do with the fact that they referenced a much better show.

  4. Christopher Snape says:

    I think its great that this article wasn’t biased at all.


  5. A Brony says:

    I like both

  6. Yet anouther Brony says:

    I love MLP and CS mixed in one is great 😀

  7. Strangerman says:

    Oh, and the show mlp doesn’t have flaws like that height thing either, right? :/ Stop hating on the cleveland show a lot of people like it, it doesn’t matter how well made a show is as long as people like it there’s no problem with it. Just because you hate the show doesn’t make it a show that shouldn’t exist.

    • Strangerman says:

      And btw, i watch mlp too. You don’t like people hating on our show, why hate on others? You sound exactly like a brony hater, just about a different thing.

  8. Dicks are Free says:

    I think its funny how you can watch that pretentious drivel you call MLP
    and yet you call the Cleveland crap. [I left this on here to show what i was going
    to write before i actually looked up what MLP was and read and article about a shirt or something]

    Hmm. Well whatever. It still is a bit pretentious though.
    Also it seems like a waste to not post these if any of you still have a sense of humor,
    so here.

  9. Travis says:

    Hey, Seth Macfarlane should guest star on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as he would voice somepony that Twilight and the citizens of Ponyville would see as a one time character who does similar voice impressions to characters he does on Family Guy and American Dad and as I imagine it he is some handsome pony who wants to share a dirty little secret of a little relationship with Twilight and suddenly becomes this elusive yet funny villian whom Twilight falls for lovewise. He is a great singer and he should be singing alongside Twilight and the mane 6 in a great musical number.

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