Fan-named character, Derpy Hooves’ name now official canon

Derpy Hooves, a character that was originally spawned from an animation error giving her googly eyes, has been a fan favorite since she was first spotted. When her popularity in the fandom grew, she was given the name Derpy Hooves by the fans. In the actual show, she had been referred to as Ditzy once, and made several non-speaking cameos that grew as season 2 progressed. Season 2 Episode 14, “The Last Roundup” started with an entire scene featuring the pony in a speaking role, going so far as Rainbow Dash referring to her by the fan-given name Derpy.

The voice actor for Derpy has been confirmed by Jayson Thiessen on twitter to be Tabitha St. Germaine, who also voices Luna, Rarity and Grany Smith.

The fandom is a buzz right now.

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4 Responses to Fan-named character, Derpy Hooves’ name now official canon

  1. virginia says:

    I will miss derpy. Why did they get rid of her and I dont now her new name. I like it but yah brig her back

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  3. Thomas Mettham says:

    I love Derpy! She’s one of my favourite background Ponies along with Cherry Berry. People say and think that she’s offensive but she isn’t really she’s just a Jester trying to bring a bit of comedy to the viewers.

  4. Thomas Mettham says:

    I tried to use a picture I saved in on of my folders of Derpy and she says this:
    “I’m so sorry to the viewers who watched The Lastround Up episode if I offended you in anyway. I don’t mean to be clumsy and it’s not my fault that I’m cross eyed it’s what I was made as and all this negative feedback is making me cry”!

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