EverFree Radio interviews Madeleine Peters, voice of Scootaloo

Scootaloo, voiced by Maddy Peters - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

On the latest episode of EverFree Radio they interview Maddy Peters, who provides the voice of Scootaloo on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The interview starts at about 29 minutes in and lasts for a bit over 20 minutes.

Throughout the interview many things are discussed mainly around her work on My Little Pony, such as her interaction with the other actors, roles she auditioned for and her singing experiences. She mentioned that she wants to see Scootaloo surfing, so feel free to draw something of the sort.

An in character performance of Jingle Bells is included at around 48 minutes and 50 second.

Maddy is trying to raise $10,000 to fight famine in Africa. If you’re interested in contributing you can do so at her fundraiser site.

Madeleine Peters, voice of Scootaloo

Fans of the Cutie Mark Crusaders and their voice actors can check out EverFree Radio episode 4 which included an interview with Michelle Creber, voice of Applebloom. You might also want to check out the YouTube channel of Claire Corlett, the voice of Sweetie Belle. Not much that’s My Little Pony related on there but if we spot anything that is, we’ll be sure to share it here on the Ponyville Gazette.

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