My Little Ponyta t-shirt at TeeFury today only

My Little Ponyta t-shirt at TeeFury

It’s Pokémon meets My Little Pony with today’s TeeFury shirt. Here we have the Fire Horse Pokémon “Ponyta” as a My Little Pony, complete with a Pokéball cutie mark. This shirt is in a classic My Little Pony style, not consistent with the Friendship is Magic designs, but it is a must have to any fan of My Little Pony and Pokémon. The shirt costs $10 plus shipping, but as is always the case with TeeFury, the shirt is only available for 24 hours, so once December 13th is over, no more shirt.

My Little Ponyta t-shirt at TeeFury

Catch ’em while they’re hot. If you missed your chance to get it from TeeFury, you can always buy a similar shirt from the artist.

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