Season 3 confirmation and rumors

Season 2 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic started just a few weeks ago and we are already hearing some rumlblings about season 3.

Last night, Tara Strong appeared on the NSFW Show and revealed that she had already started doing voice work for Season 3 last week. Screenshot of chat below. Its not clear if Ashleigh Ball’s vocal injury will affect her contributions to Season 3.
[Source: EQD]

Some additional details about season 3 have surfaced.
Apparently a couple of the writers have left the team, along with story editor, Rob Renzetti.
Meghan McCarthy will take over story editing responsibilities. She was a writer during the first two seasons.
It sounds like Hasbro played it cautious after both Lauren Faust and Rob Renzetti left by only ordering 13 episodes for Season 3, half as many episodes as each of the first two seasons.
Returning writers include M.A. Larson, Megan McCarthy, Dave Polsky, and Cindy Morrow.
While the source for a lot of this information came from Amy Keating Rogers, it was not clear to me if she was returning as well. It did not sound like that was the case.
[Source: EQD]


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11 Responses to Season 3 confirmation and rumors

  1. Shadowspeaker says:

    I heard rumors that there will be a Luna themed episode, as well as a episode revolving around Ditzy. (I refuse to call her Derpy.)

  2. Savade says:

    The problem with shows like this, is that they don’t last very long, if we are going to get a season 4 it’s going to be a miracle.

  3. Summer says:

    I head heard that Fluttershy will turn into a dragon in one of the episodes which I can probably guess where it is going?

  4. MafiaChick says:

    I would love to keep the ponies going on forever!
    I watched it when i was little, well, all my life!

    -Pegasister… Life commitment-

    Hopefully, EuroBeat Brony might contribute to help with episodes, JIC any struggling happens. It’s awesome 2 have many different ideas out there, pony-related…
    One day, I hope to be a part of the MLP episodes. Whether it’s acting, or singing, I hope I can be there. Sadly, IDK if im old enough 😛 …. (MC does not share her age) ……..
    I believe that everypony deserves a chance to participate in episode making, and share ideas, but, get credit for them, if used. My dream when I was little was to be a pony 😛
    Well, im so totally stoked that the new series is out!!!!!!
    Well, season 3’s a definite, but IDK about seasons 9-12…. Hopefully they can get through the struggles ahead!

    Disturbed Silence Has Not Yet Awakened,
    Rainbolt Dash

  5. My Name is Better Than Your Name says:

    IMO, the series can’t end until;
    1. The CMC get their Cutie Marks
    2. RD gets into the Wonderbolts.
    3. Pinkie Pie throws about 500 more parties.
    4. Celestia gets owned again.
    5. Fluttershy becomes a tree.
    6. Spike gets Rarity.
    7. Applejack shuts up.
    8. Faust marries me.

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  7. It is so sad that the creation of season 3 has got entangled with problems. That is just disheartening as I liked the season 2 episode very much.

  8. abby says:

    i love this show so much so does my friend and weve wached every single episode,
    we think that in season three that cadence and shining armor should have a baby, that would be so cool for twilight to have a younger sister!

    • nickyboy11 says:

      aaaactually, if Shining Armor and Cadence were to have a kid… twilight would become an aunt… not a sister haha! Shining Armor is her brother… so yeaaaah XD

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