Twilight Sparkle Pumpkin Carving

Halloween is around the corner. In anticipation of the holiday and given the chance to carve a pumpkin for the first time, I decided to carve a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic themed pumpkin. After days of searching for MLP themed pumpkin stencils, though, I came up empty handed. I took matters into my own hands and found a simple image of Twilight Sparkle and ran with it. The finished product is above, but if you’d like to read more about the progress and see additional photos, please follow me after the jump!

Glad you made it. I used the above image for my design. Since it was too small, I used a color copier and blew it up about 200% so it filled most of a sheet of paper. Once I had my pumpkin, I had a little help taping the design to the side of the pumpkin. Once it was firmly in place, I started poking holes. Lots and lots of holes. So very many holes.

The holes follow the lines of the design. When I was done and removed the design, I had so many dots on my pumpkin that I had to take a pen and play ‘connect the dots’. You can see some of the lines below.

Basically, I cut out all of the white sections. The pale purple areas got shaved down. Originally, I intended to shave the hair down as well to a shallower depth, but I ended up really liking it being opaque. So I did a thin line around the areas that had no definition all the way around the head.

I was extremely pleased with the result. Especially considering this was the first pumpkin I’ve ever carved. Looking forward to doing more next year!

Here are a few more photos:


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13 Responses to Twilight Sparkle Pumpkin Carving

  1. Adam says:

    Wow! That turned out great. Good job.

  2. Jeff Gordon Ramsay says:

    How did you shave down the pale purple areas? And what did you use?

  3. Crazy says:

    I actually used an X-acto knife with a couple different blades. It was kind of a pain in the larger areas, but not as bad as it could have been. I would not recommend anything automatic or powered like a dremel. The pumpkin is just too easy to cut and its too easy to slip. I’m still looking for something better to use than the X-acto knives, but for now they certainly served their purpose. They were really great for getting in those tiny areas.

  4. Jeff Gordon Ramsay says:

    Thanks for the tip. I’m also carving my first pumpkin this year and it seems that a lot of people use pottery tools (which kinda sucks since I bought then lost a kit just a few years back in a ceramics class). But it’s good to hear you used an X-Acto knife, considering that’s all I probably have for shaving and how well yours came out. Great job, by the way!

    • Crazy says:

      Thanks! Now that you mention it, ceramics tools sound like they would work quite well. I managed just fine with the X-Acto knife, though. Its really just having the patience to sit there and carefully cut, scrape and wipe away for all that time.

  5. Lilianna says:

    It turned out the my little pony wedding didn’t turn out so good
    Just kidding…it was Awsome!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lilianna says:

    1.Like the twilight carving
    3.Luv it!!!!

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  8. Lynn Flatley says:

    This is great! My son is an unapologetic brony and I’m going to surprise him with this when he gets home … I’ll leave the carving to him, he’ll love it. Thank you!

  9. Lost Concept says:

    We made one using your design, thanks for the upload! Ours looks pretty good relatively we thinks.

  10. Eric says:

    Thanks for showing your process. I had never carved a pumpkin in the translucent style before, so I copied your design. It took quite a while, but it came out looking fantastic!

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